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5 Worst Habits of Women

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Posted by youranidiot, on 29-11-2012 06:18, , Guest
you must be a woman

Posted by sham, on 23-11-2012 19:00, , Guest

Posted by love justice, on 22-11-2012 21:22, , Guest
I see it as a fiction I would actually exactly see all these bad habits in man not a women, women are practical, compromising and loving  
they dont throw things around I see this exactly in most man in any kind of society, they are more emotional, more unpractical and they in a team are jealos women work great together! Whoever wrote this is an complete idiot who somewhere underneath hates women and need to go to therapy.

Posted by Milsonmoirang, on 19-11-2012 17:05, , Guest
:eek :x like2 add more..

Posted by K, on 17-11-2012 04:43, , Guest
1. Men often see a woman asking him to do something repeatedly as nagging when in fact women only repeat themselves because the man in question is generally not even focused on what is being asked of him. Or he is ignoring her, in hopes that she'll shutup. Disrespect, men have it. 
2. Irrational behavior is something women possess, but so do men. Women are more hormonally charged than men, so why is it there are more abusive men than women? Most women I know that get emotional during an argument is because they are constantly being belittled as lesser than the man.

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