30 Haircuts That Look Good On Women Over 40

25. Gabrielle Union

The actress doesn’t seem to age and her air plays an important role in it. This amazing hairstyle is called blunt lob. For some extra effect tuck your hair behind your ear and you can also curl the fronts away to create openness.

24. Tina Fey

A bit longer hair is also a great option. These voluminous, bouncy layers only help, everything is just right for every woman over 40. Just make sure it doesn’t look like you forgot to see your hairstylist for a few months or you cut your own hair.

23. Jennifer Garner

Be always in style. In reality, it’s not as difficult to maintain a great haircut as it looks. Your opportunities are endless when it comes to transforming your hair. You can even transform this look to a ponytail during the day.

22. Tina Fey

Another great example for the right shoulder length. The shorter layers and side-swept bangs you see are great if you want to frame your face. Most women suffer from thin hair, but in case you got really thick one you can get the bulk removed to make you look better.

21. Lauren Graham

Looking young doesn’t require any magic. Just look at Graham, looks good without and completely ordinary at the same time. Her hair is an easy wash-and-go if you got natural waves. However, it’s pretty easy to do even if you’ve got straight hair.

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