Google Saree Show by Satya Paul

This one was spotted in a fancy mall in Gurgaon, India (the tech hub south of Delhi). In these pictures, the model wearing the Oogle Saree is Aditi Gowitrikar, a Mrs. World of 2001. This Saree was available in some malls in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Don’t expect women in India to wear these Google sarees but it may be a good attire for booth girls in trade-shows where the saree print may show Google search results for the company/brand they are promoting – its like AdSense for Clothing.

Satya Paul has been known to be inspired by nature, people, and beautiful things around him. Oogle is georgette jacquard printed sari along with unstitched blouse piece attached. Its price is USD. 299.88 (Rs. 11,995.00). This Saree looks like a Saree made up of the Google web search results. If you look closely at the design, the URL in the browser address field is, this is internet address of the Satya Paul online store. This is no doubt, a great idea to associate the search engine internet giant with Saree.

Satya Paul which started in 1985 is now known globally for its excellence in design. The look is a strong interplay of patterns and color that the New York Times has hailed as works of Kinetic Art. They have re-invented the traditional sari as a modern classic, the Satya Paul product line also comprises of fusion and western clothing including scarves, bags, men’s accessories and fabrics and an entire range of classic bridal wear.

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