Amrita Arora Maxim Scans

Amrita Arora Maxim Scans

After a brief quiet spell, Amrita Arora $hot back into the news as the cover-girl for this month’s Maxim. Unfortutely for her, photographer Daboo Ratnani has decided to be embarassingly unoriginal and go for a ‘Tomb Raider’ theme. After seeing Angelina Jolie do it, every other attempt seems unacceptable. The photo-session shows Amrita in Lara Croft’s get-up, complete with thigh-strapped knife and two handheld pi$tols, striking various apologetic ‘I’m just doing what the camera-man tells me’ poses. Although she looks pretty good, the guns and the under the surface rage is more out of place than Juhi Chawla at a Badlapur Rave.

Taking a cue from chaddi buddy Kareena Kapoor, she’s lost a few pounds and toned up after being introduced to Power Yoga. Both girls are now size-zero, but she claims that there’s nothing wrong with their eating habits. Anyway, at least this month’s cover is a step-up from last month’s Shriya Saran disaster.

Also I’m sure everyone is happy to know that after 4 years this hottie is finally single again. Finally away from Usman Afzal, now the rest of us may have a $hot in hell.

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