Bollywood Actresses in Classic Black & White

Photographs, pictures, snaps or whatever you may call it, but one thing is for sure that it is only the social media which has added thrice to their popularity.

In this era of quick clicks and quick uploads, pictures editing have taken the front seat and I do not know of anyone who shares the pictures without editing.

Among the various options and effects available, there is one effect called the Black and white effect, popularly known as monochromes. No matter how much attractive a vibrant and colorful the picture is but the charm of monochrome pictures is something unbeatable.

I personally like how a monochrome picture has a subtle appeal and allows the best features of the picture speak. Monochrome pictures are a lot more expressive and just the pictures does a lot of talking. Our bollywood actresses too seemed to be smitten with the monochrome pictures and we have a lot of such pictures of them to make us love the actresses even more.

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