Mandira Promotes Jewellery

Mandira Bedi, Cricket diva Promote Jewellers Brand

“I wish the very best to this beautiful jewellery magazine. On the eve of the second anniversary of ‘The Art of Jewellery’ magazine, I would like to say that jewellery is a celebration of the finer things in a woman’s life. I don’t like big pieces but am in love with small, delicate ones. I love brooches although I feel that more women should wear them. I love platinum and even dull gold for its understated look. In fact, ‘understated elegance’ is my mantra. I hate the shiny and showy look – what I call the ‘Christmas tree’ look. My favourite and prized collection is a brooch diamond baguette called the ‘Bird of Paradise’. It has a real pearl in its mouth and is elevated – several levels that are intricately carved.”

Here is little glittering blast from past, Mandira Bedi all dressed up to promote Malani Jewellers brand. Madira dazzle in true indian avatar with her classy noodle straps and smile worth a drool. Checkout Madira Bedi all game for a jewels brand is elevated – several levels that are intricately carved.”

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