Multi-Talented Popstar Neha Bhasin

Multi-Talented Popstar Neha Bhasin

About Neha Bhasin –
Neha Bhasin was born on 18Nov. to Mr.Ashok Bhasin and Mrs.Rekha Bhasin. Her dreams started shaping up when she was in Frank Anthony Public School, Delhi. She says,“Yeah I was nine years old. I was in class fourth. I remember my teacher Mr.Dais. He was really nice. He actually brought this singer in me. He told me like you can sing and everything. And he put me like for solo parts and choir. So that’s my first time. I sung ‘Black or white’. I did you know like little parts on my own on stage. So I don’t know ever since than I knew I want to be like Michael Jackson. I want to be famous. I want to be there like.”

NB than started practicing and competiting in every contest she could. And what helped her in this endeavour was her family. Everyone in her family has passion for music. Specially her mother. She is a Classical Singer.

In their first public concert in Delhi, VIVA! attracted more than 60,000 people. And there act started exactly the way NB used to dream. She says,”I use to imagine myself, actually I use to put on Mariah Carey and close my eyes and I use to imagine myself in black gown, on stage, looking sweet, singing.”

VIVA had also recorded three songs for hindi films. One with A.R.Rehmann Rozana for film Lakeer, one with Anand-Milind Din hamara hai for “Rakht”and one with Anu Malik Chillake Chillake for Chehra.

NB very soon started singing playbacks and performing Live with her dancers in different cities around the world. And she has also done numerous jingles like Maggie,Savlon,Compaq,Bru etc.

NB then wrote and sang the title track “Yeh zindagi bhi” for the film Bullet Ek Dhamaka. She also wrote a ghazal “Aahat sunni maine” for this film.

In 2005 NB wrote and composed “Plea to the Lord” and did numerous shows across the country for the Tsunami victims. She performed it for the first time at Mumbai Marathon. Which had the audience of more than 25,000, including Mumbai celebrities.

NB has recorded songs for “Mummyji”(Jashn Di Raat, Kudiye Pataka, I wanna rock like mummyji),Fashion, Hari Puttar, Aadesh – Beyond Boundaries Apna Bana Le(Om Shanti Om and Namate Salaam). In tamil Sathum podhathay(Pesugiren Pesugiren), Billa(Sei Yethavadhu), Yogi. Sei and Pesugiren both have become Chartbusters in South India.

NB has appeared on numerous TV shows. Lounge(Ndtv Goodtimes),Salaam Zindagi (Ndtv), RKB Show (Sahara), Santabanta Unlimted,Page 3,Popcorn(Zoom), After Hrs(Zee Cafe), Antakshri(Star One), Bha Bau Aur Cricket(Star New) Times Now, Filmy and many more.

NB has also hosted TV Show “SaReGaMaPa Hungama” on Zee Music. Which reached the No.1 spot in popularity ratings across all Music Channels while NB was hosting the show. She says, “It feels great to be part of NO.1 Show. When I came on board as the Anchor I came with the mindset that we have to do well, but now after seeing that all our hardwork is producing such great results, we feel inspired to rock even more.”

On May 3rd 2008, in Chennai, “2nd Reliance Mobile Vijay Awards” were held to honor the Tamil Cinema’s best work for 2007. NB won the Best Singer female Award for her song “Pesugiren Pesugiren (Sathum podhathay).Which was composed by Yuvan Shanker Raja. Neha says, “I have won prizes in school and college but yes, this is my first professional ‘award’. When my name was announced, I was delighted, to say the least, since I had never imagined that the song would make such an impact, more so since it is my first Tamil release.” NB has now formed her own Live musicians group and soon she will releasing her Solo Album.

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