Pretty Bhairavi Goswami Unplugged

In the swirl of colours the desi girl looks to her European ancestry. According to media sources she’s been seen painting the town red as her face turns blue explaining the change of direction from item girl to more serious roles.

Bhairavi is a model, socialite and a bollywood actress. She had also acted in a silent movie for children, “My Daddy Strongest”, which was entirely shot in London and is due for release in April 2009. The other star cast includes Kumar Gaurav, Tammy Jones and a child star Loveena Tandon. The movie is directed by Rahul Kapoor. Bhairavi Goswami, who is famous for ‘Tharki’ role in ‘Bheja Fry’.

Bhairavi was at the ill-fated Hotel Oberoi Trident in Mumbai on the terror strike evening of November 26th. She had gone there for dinner with a group of friends. Bhairavi would’ve been with the group had it not been for an argument she had with her pals, because of which she left the hotel in a huff. As it was just barely an hour later that the terrorists descended upon the hotel from nowhere, killing several people and holding many others captive. Bhairavi lost her friends in the tragedy that followed. But for the tiff she had with her friends, Bhairavi would also have stayed back to probably be murdered by the terrorists!

Bhairavi however is feeling guilty about the whole episode as it was she who had had recommended them all to go to Oberoi Trident for dinner that evening. She has still not recovered from the shock of what happened that evening and was unable to talk to us when we tried speaking to her.

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