Sherlyn Chopra’s “Outrageous” Album Launch


Says the $moking hot actress “OUTRAGEOUS is an attitude. It will speak the language of the gen-next youth. It brings to fore the deep hidden desires that every human being harbors inside but refuses to acknowledge”

She adds “The USP of my album is that it promotes an attitude of being born free. It’s okay to break rules and follow your heart desires”

She also seems pretty excited since adman Prahlad Kakkar will be directing his first music video featuring her. ” Prahlad Kakkar is a legend in his field. There couldn’t have been a better person to direct the video. Remember it’s an attitude, and that has to come to the fore. Thankfully I am having the right people associated with the album”

The firebrand actress is not deterred and has no qualms in flaunting what she’s got. Says the newly crowned ‘Queen of Wallpapers’ ” there’s nothing evil in flaunting your $exuality if you have it, flaunt it. But also just because I expo$e, doesn’t mean that I’m a loose character. But I speak my mind” Though the actress admits that her image is misconstrued at times because she herself is a bundle of contradictions. She chuckles “I am stylish and yet simple at heart, sometimes naïve and yet street smart . I am a lamb in a tigress body”. Simply ‘Outrageous’, Sherlyn’s attitude says it all. (newsbreak)


Check out the “Outrageous- THE END OF THE BEGINNING” Video

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