Spicy Bollywood Beauty – Viviana

Pooja Singh? The name may not ring a familiar bell. Well she is the one who makes her debut with Raj N. Sippy’s ‘Jimmy’ the film that also marks the launch of veteran star Mithun Chakraborty’s son Mimoh. “The posters and promo of Jimmy however will continue to mention my name as Pooja Singh. However the films that I may do later will my name as Viviana.” Pooja informs that the name Viviana has been adopted officially. “Even my bank statements and my passport bear my name as Viviana and not Pooja,” she informs. Pooja admits that it was her astrologer who told her to change her name. “He was the one who told me that I should keep my Viviana. He is quite popular. Most cricketers consult him too.

Spicy Bollywood Beauty - Viviana

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