Supermodel Tyra Banks At CW Event

Supermodel Tyra Banks At CW Event

Tyra Banks is a supermodel. That said, what in the world might she have been thinking when she hit the red carpet at the 2011 CW Upfront event in NYC, radiating a decidedly Larry King-ish vibe.

The style conscious America’s Next Top Model creator and host was wearing black high-waisted pants with matching suspenders, and a blue oxford blouse. Our first thought is … time to fire the stylist. As for her hair … it looks like she jumped out of the shower and decided to let her tresses hang limp and unadorned. On the other hand, it could just be a bad wig. Perhaps we are being too critical of the woman who usually looks simply stunning in whatever she chooses to don for any given occasion. So tell us … fashion hit or miss? Check out more photos below:

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