Anti-Terrorism Drills for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

The 2008 Summer Olympics, officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, will be celebrated from August 8, 2008, to August 24, 2008, with the opening ceremony beginning at 08:08:08 pm CST (12:08:08 UTC) at the Beijing National Stadium in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

Earlier in June, China launched a week-long series of anti-terrorist drills called “Great Wall 5″, in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. The drills involved emergency responders, “police forces, the People’s Armed Police, the People’s Liberation Army and the health, environmental protection, meteorology and transportation departments.” according to China’s Xinhua News Agency.

The picture above shows members of China’s armed police demonstrate a rapid deployment during an anti-terrorist drill held in Jinan, east China. A few surface-to-air missile launchers have also installed near to the Olympic Green.

Anti-Terrorism Drills for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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