Raaz – The Mystery Continues

Mukesh Bhatt & Co. faced the same when they decided to make Raaz – The Mystery Continues, a follow up to Raaz.

While one waits to see what director Mohit Suri has done in the Emraan Hashmi-Kangana-Adhyayan Suman starrer, the results are already out for the film’s music.

And if Mukesh Bhatt is to be believed, the film’s music has surpassed all his expectations and has turned out to be even better than Raaz, a feat that always seemed impossible to achieve.

“Music of Raaz – The Mystery Continues is 101% better than Raaz”, says Mukesh Bhatt in a confident tone, “And I am aware that by stating this I am putting my neck under the block. However, with an industry experience of more than a couple of decades, I guess the least I am capable of is ascertaining whether something will work with the audience or not!”

Is he really that sure, in spite of the fact that Nadeem-Shravan, the men who immortalized Raaz with their soundtrack, are no more associated with Raaz – The Mystery Continues?

“Yes, I am quite sure. Instead of Nadeem Shravan, I have four musicians who have given five songs in total. They are Raju Singh, Toshi, Pranay and Gaurav Das; each of whom has done a fantastic job.

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