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Name : Alicia Silverstone
Birthday : October 4, 1976
Birthplace : San Francisco, CA, USA
Height : 5′ 7 Eye Color : Emerald Green
Religion : Jewish
Father : Monty, a real estate investor & financial consultant
Mother : Didi, a former airline stewardess
Brother : David
Sister : Kezi Silverstone
Junior High School : Crocker Middle School
High School : San Mateo High School – Beverly Hills High School
Alicia Silverstone Detailed Biography

She was born on October 4,1976, in San Francisco, California to parents of English decent. Her mom, Didi was a former airline stewardess and her dad Monty, a real estate Investor. Alicia attended San Mateo High School in San Mateo, California, where the movie ”Dangerous Minds” was filmed. At the age of 6, Alicia received a series of modeling jobs. Soon thereafter, she appeared in a Domino’s Pizza television commercial and then, who could forget her guest appearance as Kevin’s (Fred Savage) dream girl on ”The Wonder Years”?

Alicia landed her first movie, ”The Crush,” at the age of 15. She starred as the man-hungry Adrian Forrester opposite Cary Elwes, and won ”Best Villain” and ”Breakthrough Performance” at the 1994 MTV Movie Awards. During the filming, she found an injured dog on the side of the road. Since then, animal-lover Alicia contributes a portion of her movie earnings to an animal foundation.

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