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With so many actors running after one brand or the other, the Hindi film industry’s oomph girl, Mallika Sherawat, is doing it the other way round. She is branding herself! Mallika Sherawat has now become the first Hindi film actress to have a trademark on her own name.

It means that, now on, no one can use her name for publicity or any other commercial purpose without her consent. According to our sources, Recently, she has to face many problems when her name was used in the publicity of the film Welcome, where she had only made a special appearance in the film. To avoid such things occurring again in future, Mallika was thinking of applying for a trademark for her name so that no one can use it for any commercial purpose. This is to prevent any mis-use of her name or body (which I, honestly don’t get, isn’t she the one who mis-uses her body the most??) Anyway Mallika Sherawat’s lawyer claims that’s its high time something like this happened and that “It is a common practice in the west and many celebrities in the west have their own trademark.” Ya well, guess what they also have their own talent. And by talent i don’t mean an abnormally large che$t.

Trademarks are generally distinctive symbols, pictures, or words that sellers affix to distinguish and identify the origin of their products. It is a common practice in the west and many celebrities there have their own trademark so that no one can use their name or photographs for commercial purposes. In India, Mallika is the first one to take the initiative.

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