Internet Browsers Transformed Into Fashion Models

In this series, California-based photographer Viktorija Pashuta transformed a variety of web browser icons into trendy fashion statements. The Latvian fashion photographer has always wondered What if girls were internet browsers?, and so, the project brings that vision to life through a creative interpretation of the notable logos. To develop the project, Pashuta envisioned each browser with certain characteristics based on the styles of the popular symbols. She developed ensembles based off of these personifications and chose models Kaylen Dao, Brittany Ryan, Clancy McClain, Tracy Acholonu, and Polina Frantsena to don the inventive garb.

Internet Browsers Transformed Into Fashion Models

To describe each concept, Pashuta quotes a friend who states that “Internet Explorer is all flashy, Firefox is sexy, Opera is elegant, Chrome is utilitarian, and Safari is trendy/h!p.” In addition to the clothing, the accessories, props, and models’ poses successfully convey the applied dispositions. With incredible flair, the final collection visually reflects the vibrant colors and individual style of each well-known logo design.

Internet Browsers Transformed Into Fashion Models

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